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No. Client confidentiality. Not even Chilcot got that.
A notch is a kind of indentation, normally made by a blunt instrument into something soft. Does that help?
You will have to wait for my Kickstarter campaign - coming soon
Well, I'm so glad you asked. It has to be the Dallas Cowboys football team after the superbowl. They were all so kind, every single one of them.
My suggestion: Ask any Dick. He will tell you.
With the sound of Music!
Is thoroughly modern. Everything today is thoroughly Gay!
I bet you do darling. But that is only for my very special clients and you are not one of them.
My garters are not for sale. Try Amazon.
Actually I've never driven one but I have had one up my trouser leg once. Caused all sorts of damage.
No. But I believe a saracen has been in me.
I didn't know there was a restaurant called Salad Inn.
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