Would you put your life in their hands?

The Coaches are a dysfunctional team of life coaches
who manage to screw up every intervention.

An online Sitcom Series by Stewart McKie


Coaches is a self-funded online series.
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Pilot Clips

*Coaches features adult humour of a sexual nature*
and some profanity.


Karla Fields a Call

Karla takes a call from one of her mischievous family members.


Miss Blanche and her Demons

Miss Blanche enjoys a bit of role playing with Guy.


Su-Ling Kicks Off

Su-Ling has no time for Guy or the British Empire.

The Coaching Team

Some of our crack coaching characters

Heinz is the head coach and is definitely not in charge of this team of misfits.

Ivana is the marital counsellor who specializes in sexual relations.

Su-Ling is the mindfulness coach with a potty mouth and a violent streak.

Guy is the PTSD coach, an ex-cavalry officer who suffers from a few traumas of his own.

Miss Blanche is a coaching client who relies on the kindness of strangers.

Karla is the geek-girl intern/receptionist who is also an inventor.

Writing and Editing Credits

Coaches is written, produced and directed by Stewart McKie. Stewart was daft enough to spend 6 years getting a PhD in screenplay analytics at age 57. He has written other scripts that have not yet had the light shone on their darkness.

Stewart McKie

Coaches is edited by Lamprini Petrianou (Lina) - from Lesbos Greece. Lina has just completed the MA Editing course at Bournemouth University and she also edited Loki, another of Stewart's scripts about a rogue Alexa-type device that turns to blackmail.

Lamprini Petrianou

Series Introduction

Coaches is a pilot for a sitcom series
with each episode anchored by a specific intervention
by the Coaches.


The coaches are hired to make a positive impact by intervening in businesses or with individuals. Most of the action takes place in the coaches boardroom and reception office with cutaways to supporting scene locations.

Cast: The Coaching Team

There are four coaches, an intern receptionist and a coaching client who is used for testing the coaches techniques. Each episode reviews a specific coaching intervention.



Coaches features adult humour of a sexual nature with some profanity. If it was on TV it would be a post-watershed show. There is no violence or nudity in a typical episode.


A typical Coaches episode features a number of 'homages' to the movies and TV shows of the past 50 years.  The idea is that this will be attractive to a particular fanbase who are interested in movie/TV trivia.

A Couple of Twists

Kermode and Karla's X-Ray Specs add some twists to each episode

Kermode is a basic humidifier that has been modified by Karla and programmed to listen and learn from the coaches conversations. Kermode has been trained on a corpus of 1970's movies so it excels in matching the current context to an appropriate movie quote.

Karla's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Device: a movie expert.

Karla's X-Ray specs have a special power - they can view the past and the future - which allows us to see some stuff the coaches would probably wish we could not see.

X-Ray Specs
What we see when Karla twiddles her knob.

The Fan Site

Coaches has a linked fan site that lets you:

- Vote for your favorite character

- Ask the Coaches a question

- Compete in the episode movie trivia quiz

Filmed on location in Shaftesbury, Dorset.
Pilot cinematography & sound: Flixels Ltd
Episode 1 cinematography & sound: Jack Ayers & Rory Yeung


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